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Forum Rules (please read)! Empty Forum Rules (please read)!

Post by nikolarulz on Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:32 am

Please obey these forum rules:

1. No homophobic, racist, sexist or any other form of politically incorect speech.

2. You are welcome to express your opinion as frequently and as strongly as you like, but make sure you respect other people's opinions too.

3. Please, no website advertising. If you wish to advertise your website, create an appropriate topic under the "Links" category, and the other members will surely visit it.

4. Try not to post unrelated comments to a topic. This isn't such a big rule, since a conversation can often go to various directions, but let's try and keep the forum nice and neat.

5. Try not to make your signatures too big.

6. Same goes with images that you post. If they are really big, please consider uploading them to an image hosting website, and then post them as thumbnails. It will keep the forum looking tidy, and whenever someone clicks on them, they will be able to see the whole thing.

We'll post some other rules later, as soon as we think of them. Smile

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